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The Dance

A film by A.J. Ciccotelli

Starring Doug Bollinger, Christine Nagy & Anthony O'Connell

Sitting 20 years in a drawer, Oliver Boltzman has to do some rewriting on his play for it's upcoming production, he complicates matters by casting his wife in the role based on his dead girlfriend and a young leading man old enough to be her son.   Oliver struggles with the past of losing his girlfriend to disease, putting on this play that was never meant to be performed and his already strained relationship with his wife.  This short film is written and directed by A.J. Ciccotelli based on his play.  The cinematography and editing is by Eric Hackler.   It stars Doug Bollinger as Oliver, Christine Nagy as Clara/Kerry and Anthony O'Connell as Mark/Denny.  The film is produced by Soul Mate 17 Productions is association with La Strada Ensemble Theater and Checker Liar Pictures.  

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